Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Since 1997 Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary has taken in rescued farm animals and provided a permanent home for them at its 105 acre location on the US state of Colorado’s eastern plains.
Two things were strongly evident to me as I finished reading all of the posts on the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary blog: Joanna Lucus’s ability to readily recognize the complex personhood of nonhuman animals, and this organization’s firm and unwavering commitment to abolitionist principles. 

My favorite post is the most recent one, dated May 2, 2008, and titled Letter From A Vegan World. In this powerful piece, Lucus describes in detail the physical and emotional suffering that animals raised under “humane farming practices," are only vaguely aware of. Lucus criticizes the welfarist mentality that pushes “humane” meat, dairy, and eggs, and seeks reformed exploitation; justified by the idea that social change in the form of a vegan world, won’t emerge anytime soon, if ever. She writes that such thinking represents “a fear of action, a failure of will, a self-defeating attitude and, ultimately, a self-fulfilling prophesy.” 

I could not agree more. Her words offer me hope. I’ve been looking around for some progressive animal protection organizations to donate to. I’ve decided that Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary will be one of them.

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This sounds like a nice place.