About Me

I had been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since the late 1970s when I finally went vegan in 2004. It was becoming increasingly evident to me that continuing to consume dairy and eggs was inconsistant with my concern for the well being of animals. For me, a new friend, who was a vegan, was my inspiration. She set a good example and offered her support. I decided to eliminate the remaining animal products from my diet for one week as an experiment, but I never went back. I made some additional changes, including eliminating leather belts and shoes, and have been vegan ever since.

In 2007 I discovered the Vegan Freaks internet podcasts, which led me to Professor Gary L. Francione and his Abolitionist Approach theory of animal rights. For years I was confused about aspects of the animal advocacy movement which I was a part of, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly why. But listening to Francione being interviewed on Vegan Freaks and delving into his very clear and concise writing on his website turned that confusion into clarity. My understanding of animal rights evolved considerably. I understood for the first time the difference between animal welfare and animal rights, why there exists no identifiable moral distinction between flesh, dairy, eggs, or other animal uses, why being committed to nonviolence requires veganism, and why veganism needs to be the moral baseline for the movement.

Today I consider myself to be an abolitionist vegan. I firmly believe that being vegan and directly promoting veganism, are the only effective ways of reducing and ultimately eliminating animal exploitation.

One of my other interests is running. My running website, Intrinsic Running, can be found here.